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The Secret Formula Even Some Top Sellers Don't Know About


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I’m not one to give out competitive edges, but I feel that the people who use this forum are truly dedicated to improving and their own success. For that reason, I’m going to share something that even some top sellers don’t know.

Before I jump into it though, you must understand a few things about Fiverr, the people you’re helping, and how this affects your sales.

  1. Fiverr uses your average Gig price to help determine your value. - I’m not just assuming this. It was actually a point on a blog post that Fiverr made about a year back. What that means is, the higher your average order is, the more valuable your gig appears.

  2. Knowing WHO you are selling to is what is going to generate the most sales. - Again, not an assumption. The more you know about the people seeking your services/product, the better work you will do. You’ll know what they want and what they expect. Do your audience research.

    When you know these two things, there is a secret formula that you can apply. It will not only help you rank higher, but will ultimately lead to a higher conversion and more money in your pocket.

    The Formula

    Audience Desire + Your Gig (Audience Need) = Mo’ Orders, Mo’ Money

    Your buyers come looking for something. For example, let’s say there’s someone out there looking for a logo they need designed. There are several thousand options available to them. - This is your audience desire.

    They stumble across your gig and you present it to them in a manner that lets them know you understand what they are looking for. You’ve put your best foot forward and have appealed to them in the best ways that you know how. - Your gig.

    Now comes the secret part.

    In your gig description and gig extras, you provide something that your audience NEEDS because you’ve been able to analyze their desire.

    With the logo example, you ask yourself questions like, “Why does my buyer need a logo? What else do they need at this stage? They’re buying a logo, so what is their ultimate goal and how can I utilize this to sell them more?” Whether you realize it or not, your gig is just a part of a much bigger goal that your potential client has. For that reason, your gig extras should compliment and better help your buyer achieve their BIGGER goal.

    This is a COLOSSAL reason that buyer/seller communication is so important and it’s how I’ve been able to receive such customized and passionate buyer reviews.

    Continuing with our logo example. The buyer wants a logo for business/website branding and visibility. Well, when they’re at this stage, what other kind of things do they need and how can you appeal to them?

    When someone is at the stage that they’re purchasing this service from you, they most likely are very aware that they are going to use this logo a LOT of different places.

    So a GREAT gig extra would be, "I will provide you the logo in 5 customized sizes and formats that fit perfectly with the top social media platforms."

    They’re going to need to create social media accounts for their brand, if they haven’t already. When they see an extra like this, they immediately think, “Perfect, just what I NEED.” - Audience Need.

    Apply this simple formula and watch your average order sky rocket, your gig climb the ranks, and your buyer feel incredibly happy because you’ve not only provided them what they want, but you’ve given them what they need. In their eyes (even though they paid your for it) you went the extra mile and displayed empathy for them and what they’re trying to achieve.

    Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please comment below.

    Steven (thusie)
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Reply to @hawkkseo: Thanks! I disagree completely though. Country matters minimally. In fact, I bet if you surveyed buyers and asked how many of them look at the country, it would be very few.

You might have this belief because sometimes it can be hard to communicate with primarily English speaking buyers when it’s not your native tongue.

Your communication says a lot about the work that you offer. For example, if a seller’s English is poor, to me, it says they didn’t take them to even present to me. What makes me think they would take the time to provide me quality?

If you go look at the highest rated and most recommended gigs, you’ll notice an INCREDIBLE variety of countries.

If you still feel that your country matters, I suggest re-evaluating what you’re offering and your Fiverr presence.

Good luck!

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Reply to @thusie I have seen that you are also an article writer so Please make a post about how to improve traffic to article writing gigs and different ways to improve our services as articles. And one more humble question for you… you are not a level 1 seller , how come you know so much about Fiverr even better than us … Level 2 sellers. Great work from your side.


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Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: Ahmad, I’ve been in online business longer than I’ve been on Fiverr. As far as how my knowledge has grown, I’ve dedicated time to study, research, and exploring how I can get complete at a much higher level than other writers.

I’ve spent hours testing gig conversion, researching how Fiverr ranks gigs through gig editing, and asked continuously for feedback from my buyers.

This helps me grow at a much faster rate than you average Fiverr seller. If you want to be the best, you must work harder, longer, and smarter than the rest.

I want to be the best, so I do that, then some! 🙂

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