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8 THINGS to GET Order not as hard as you thought :) Tips for newbie


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Hi everyone, i’ve been in fiverr nearly 2 month and now i’ve earn 420$ so far, i got 50% returned customer and 100% rate 5 star review, all my customer are love my work. Here my tips for you to get order as a piece of cake.

1/ Create Gig at that you can do best:

Yup, you will do your best of what you love, in my case i do infographic because i love to turn letter into graphic and make it awesome. You can’t do anything best if you don’t love it.

2/ Make beautiful Gig Sample and cover:

This is so important because it like yourself, if you clean and tidy, you look beautiful so many people will love you. That the truth. If you not a graphic design, just hire someone talent do this for you, it worth to boost your sales.

3/ Optimize SEO:

One of things important is optimize SEO, Choice your tag with good keyword to make it search faster on fiverr. Make your URL-Description-Tag have your keyword you want to sell in Gig. In my case i put infographic on 3 of those field.

4/ Set your times deliver within 3 days:

I thing this is good, because all buyer need things goes faster, they love their order deliver as fast as possible. One things you will suprise that all top rate seller have more than 5 days average deliver, so that if buyer finding Deliver under 3 days, your gig will nearly top :). That mean you have bigger chance to choice :).

5/ Buyer Request:

Top 1 tool that help you get sales!!!. Many guy don’t thing this work, but it work perfectly. Keep offer your gig everyday with buyer request, you will get sales for sure. I get a lot of sales from this.

Tips: Create as much gig as you can at many category you love each category you have gig, it will show buyer request of each category you have!!! So the more gig you create on each category, the more job you got!!!

6/ Say thank you after each order:

I always say thank you in inbox of each buyer after order complete, because they give me the job i love, they give me a chance to express myseft, so i say thank you because everything they give me. Maybe they don’t reply but 50% of them will be your returned customer :)).

7/ Use socical media to boost your sale:

I use twitter promote my fiverr gig. There are many website that can retweet your tweet with point. you can promote your gig by this. Gig view will increase awesome 🙂

8/ Always do your best:

Yes, do your best work and deliver to buyer, they will use you again, reference to their friend and you get more sales. Try keep as much as returned customer you got, cause this is main source of your income.

Hope you can do this because i’ve do all thing above and i’m happy with what i got 🙂 cheer

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Guest ron29uk

I am a beginner here but still did not get any order in 3 days .I regular send offer to buyers but it is not working. Not rated still

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No.1 is the most important. I am doing a gig that I am passionate about and I get to have fun and be creative with it which is cool.

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