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How to Manage your time(busy or not) and Manage the number of Orders to Maintain the Best Quality


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Everyday doesn’t always start with a great number of orders or even just an order. There are times that you stare at your page and wonders if people can see your Gig, and if so; then why are the orders aren’t coming?

Well, since I’ve been with Fiverr for months now, I’ve learned the value of keeping myself busy; with or without an order.

For the days that you don’t have an order or only a few orders, I would suggest the following:

  1. Always remain ONLINE - This will make your prospect customer’s know that you’d be able to answer their questions anytime; and eventually, they might order. This also comes along with Always REFRESH your fiverr page to get the latest notifications. I suggest you refresh it every 10-15 minutes.

  2. Browse through the forum - Read over some tips to help you improve your Gig and provide comments on things that are relate-able to you or your Gig. You can also write tips according to what has worked for you.


  3. Strategically use the 10 Offers in the Buyer’s Request page - Look for the buyer request that is most doable for you; considering the number of days to complete/duration and of course the price. Make your offer’s count. Think of it as if you were the one being given the offer; would you accept it according to the details indicated?

    On the other note, if you have your hands full, here’s what I would suggest:

  4. Consider the easiest order - say on my case, I’d easily finish those that have ordered the main gig or head-to-chest order. If you have a variety of order with extra’s or what not. Accomplish those that you can easily finish and then go on with the rest, according to the amount of work/effort that you’d have to put. This way, you’ll have things done with great quality.

  5. Decline if you need to - Honesty is much more appreciated than a low quality of work. If it come’s to a point that you have a LOT of order’s and you think that you’d cram up; decline future order’s and sensibly explain to the customer’s why you’d have to decline. Once you’re done with your most tedious order’s, you can send them a message and an offer (They might accept or decline it too -but at least you did your part).

  6. Once you’ve reduced the number of order’s, you can again do the steps for the no/less order’s, and the cycle just goes on-and-on.

    So far, this has kept me busy with Fiverr and at the same time, I have always and will continue to deliver the best quality of work that my customer’s deserve.

    Feel free to share your thoughts and tips. ;😉
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