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A fun forum post. What do some of these smileys mean?


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o-> o=> o-+ A couple of stuck up high school girls

:-w “Well Well? Come on Come on. I haven’t got all day!!!”

:-@ What is this??? Bark Bark Bark Bark

:-& Barf

b-( “I got your nose!”

$-) “I am a greedy person!”

:O) Is this a pig or a clown or what is this???

:-t “Time Out”

=; “Talk to the hand cause the face don’t wanna listen!!!”

*-🙂 A light bulb head or a really deformed person

8-} “babababababababa”

[…] Storm Trooper from Star Wars or Cylon from Battlestar Galatica

3:-O A cow with its nose stuck up in the air…

:-B “Duh!”

:^o “You’re a freakin liar”

[-X “Nah uh uh!”

@-) “I am a wimpy person who gets hypotized a lot!”

:-c “Call me, Sweetie. We’ll have lunch. Ok?”

<)🙂 “Howdy maam”…A John Wayne Smiley

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Reply to @madmoo: I notice the same thing. It must be a bug in the jQuery somewhere. You can actually see this if you turn on Firebug on Firefox. You should see an error every time you open the smiley pull down.

This is still my favorite smiley: o-> o=> o-+ 3 stuck up high school chicks!

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