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I can't add the required information...what do I do?


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I placed an order today Order: #FO848CF8F3A2, I completed the required information and pressed enter, however the site says I still need to complete it…but won’t let me do so

I get the message ‘The seller requires some information in order to get started’, when I press ‘start order’ button I return to the same page and the same message,

I’ve attempted to log in through two different computers.

Any suggestions?

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Looks like I have a similar problem here… I signed up on Fiverr in order to buy some products but I’ve encountered a few issues:

The signing in process it took numerous attempts over a few hours in order to be accepted. Wrote my email address, chosen username, chosen password and after it just hang… This happened not one time but as I said, many times over a few hours. Just when I was considering closing the page, finally it worked. After that I’ve placed 2 orders as a buyer but could not passed through the “pay now” screen. Each time my card was rejected (a few times) but minutes later I’ve got the confirmation of the transactions orders in my inbox (orders ID fa905ac93c98fa9ce482a7d6 and 57344adca75f59baf8c2). I could not reach the part “Order Details” so now the sellers don’t really know what I want from them… To be honest, I don’t know what to do now. Any suggestions?

Not sure when the response from CS team will come but reading other posts here, it might take a while…

All the best to all

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