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How can I find a really good designer I can use frequently (without trying them all?)


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I work at a company without a graphic artist, but I’m totally happy to pay significant $$$ to find someone I can throw quick projects too (right now, for example, I need a simple name badge for an upcoming conference created, an image resized to a specific dimension, and a menu with our logo at the top). Relatively simple work, although occasionally I do need someone who can draw. Unfortunately, even paying about $100 for basic projects, I am getting really, really remedial stuff from Level 1 sellers, stuff that I could do and I’m no designer.

I see a lot of “wannabes” maybe they see the success stories on Fiverr and want to get rich. Cool, but I can’t find anyone who I’d work with a second time. I’ve tried both US and international sellers.

I’m not trying to say everyone on Fiverr is just faking it til they make it, but how do you find the real deal?

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