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Seller access to Buyer's history (with "Seller feedback" for that Buyer)?

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I would like to suggest more “symmetry” and “mutual transparency” between ALL members of the Fiverr community.

Today, Buyers are able to view the full profile of each Seller they find interesting, where they are able to see all feedback left by other Buyers, as well as the Seller’s overall average number of “stars.” This gives Buyers the information they need in order to help them identify their best possible Sellers, which is ultimately very good for the entire Fiverr marketplace.

However, unless I’m missing something, it seems to me that Sellers barely have access to ANY information regarding potential Buyers – except for the “Member since MM, YYYY” date. Although “Seller’s feedback” regarding Buyers is publicly shown on each Seller profile and on each of that Seller’s gigs – for any given potential Buyer, Sellers have no easy way of seeing how many previous gigs were purchased by that Buyer, and what was the “Seller feedback” for those gigs.

IMHO, giving Sellers easy access to such information will help them identify in advance potentially-problematic Buyers, and this too will ultimately be very good for the entire Fiverr marketplace.

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And BTW, the comment that I added to the following forum post

… about my suggestion to upgrade the “Manage Contacts” area [www.fiverr.com/manage_contacts] with mini “CRM” features is also relevant to this issue.

Currently, this area just lists “My Buyers” and “My Sellers”. But if “Manage Contacts” would also allow listing of potential buyers/sellers/leads, as well as the ability to annotate with private notes and tags – all Fiverr members would be able to more efficiently impose order in their view of the “Fiverr jungle.” 🙂

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