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Making decisions about what words to choose on your resume can quickly lead to frustration. There are words for job titles, objectives, education, accomplishments, and headings. There are also power words, action words, industry specific words and resume keywords. Many resumes are eliminated simply due to the lack of keywords. In addition there is a list of negative words that should never be on your resume.

Resume keywords are the terms the employer has used in the job posting and for specific words for your field, profession, or industry. These words attest to skills, qualities, talents, knowledge, and abilities the employer seeks in a job candidate. Employers have software that searches for many of the keywords for the skills they are seeking. Because many employers receive a large response to job openings this speeds up the selection process. While many employers use these programs to scan resumes to locate these words, simply scattering them about on your resume can hurt you. While you might be selected as desirable by the scanning program, if your statements do not read well to the employer, you can be eliminated. You must use resume keywords correctly and in strategic narrative locations.



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