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Why Fiverr Takes such long time to release payments?


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I think many other service providers will agree with me that the time Fiverr takes to make payments available after completion of project is really huge!

Say, I had a $100 order, I used 7 days to complete that project, and then I have to wait about 15 days more to get the payment!!!

Why ? Client pays the amount, on the day he/she places the order, so there’s no logic for making such huge late.

Time is Money.

So, I hope Fiverr will take it seriously and make the process faster.


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Fiverr does this to make sure the buyer and seller is happy and that there are no scams being done. But I agree, 14-17 days is just too looong. I read somewhere though that Top Rated Sellers only have to wait 7 days… good for them! hehe. For now we have to just stick by the rules.

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