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How I Earned $320 and 4 Full Time Clients in My First 13 Days (Tips For Starters)


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I’m not one to brag … who are we kidding … yes I am. In a saturated niche, I was able to earn $320 and 4 full time clients in only 13 days.

I’m pretty new to Fiverr, just clearing the 2 week mark, but there are a few things I’ve been able to bring from my Online Business that have really given me a head start. What kind of human would I be if I didn’t share them with you?

I like to write, some things anyways. I’m not going to lie and pretend I don’t find requests of 1,200 word articles on how to use arm floats almost unbearable. It’s work though. If you want to be great and ultimately successful, it’s important to start at the bottom.

Feel free to tune YouTube to Drake’s ‘Started At The Bottom’ while you read my newcomers tips for a great start.

  1. What’s your jig? Make it your gig.

    The biggest mistake some sellers can make is doing work that they don’t really care about. Define work that you care about and find out what you’re good at. You can do this by simply asking yourself, “What do I do all day?” or “What do my friends/family think I’m good at?” I promise you that even if you’re really good at playing the harmonica on one foot while feeding your kitten, we can turn it into a gig.

  2. Define your individual value.

    If you’re in a saturated niche like I am (writing), it can be hard to show that you have something to offer others don’t. The best way to do this is to bring your personality to the table. Even you (the guy in a ski mask with the lights off hiding from the world) have a personality. Your value comes from you, not necessarily the work that you do. Anyone can learn something, but can they deliver it like you do? Nope.

    For me, I have this ability to turn even the most mundane of topics into something exciting and flavorful.

  3. Be honest and transparent.

    What I mean by this is set very clear expectations and when you feel like you’re being taken advantage of, say so. Same goes both ways, don’t take advantage of buyers. If you think you’ll have trouble completing tasks, say so. If you don’t understand what your buyer is asking, say so. Communicate with them and share your goals.

  4. Ask for feedback.

    One thing I always do to obtain repeat clients is ask how I can do better. What was good for them and what would have made their experience even better. It shows that you value what you’re giving them and are only looking to improve.

  5. When they aren’t coming, seek them.

    My first two buyers were initially contacted by me. I don’t believe in stealing clients from sellers who are doing a GREAT job. So I often search related gigs for buyers who were seemingly unhappy. I’ll send them a message apologizing for their experience and provide them with examples of my work. I like to take the time to cater this to the buyer though, so I’ll discover the problem with their last purchase and aim to solve it.

    Secret: You’ll earn a lifetime client when you solve their problems.

  6. Put your face on it.

    No really, even if it’s silly. Putting your face on your gig says, “Hey, I’m proud of my work.” If you can, make it a decent quality pic. You don’t have to look amazing, I sure as heck don’t. Make it fun, interactive, and relevant to your gig.

  7. Do epic things.

    As you go along, you’ll start come across more and more business opportunities. Take huge leaps by venturing outside your normal realm to prove how dedicated you are to your clients. If they order a logo and the buyer can’t seem to adjust the size to fit their website, do some research and send them some html/css code that will help them out.

    Quote: “When you can spend 10 extra minutes to earn business for a lifetime… why are you just sitting there?”

  8. Understand Your Voice

    Unless you’re a voice specialist, I’m not talking about the voice that comes from your mouth. I mean your thoughts, expressions, and how you communicate them through text. It’s unique, I guarantee it. Flaunt it and share it. You are real, real attracts people, people are what businesses are built around.

  9. Build Relationships

    Your buyers are #1, so darn it, care about them! Seriously, ask about their goals. The better you understand what they are trying to achieve, the better you will be able to help them. I promise that it will also help with speed :). Get to know them!

    If all of this is true, then You + (Real + People) + Business = Success. It has to right?

    Now that I’m done bragging, I’m really interested to hear what has worked for you? Leave comments, message me, do handstands and send me a video of it, I don’t care. Just please, because I want to see you succeed, engage in your success with me. It’s the only way we’re both going to reach TRS.

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Good stuff! Thanks for sharing. No.1 resonates deeply with me. I really love what I do and the opportunity that this place has given me. No more drawing random pictures of people on google image when I can be paid doing it here, plus the ability to put a smile on others (real people!) with my service. Priceless. I can sense passion in your writing too. Keep up the good work! 🙂 Will definitely take note of your advice.

P.S. not sure I can work with no.6 though. That would come out odd in my portfolio, haha!

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