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3 FREE Tips To Double Your Fiverr Sales


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Whats up Fiverrs? High five!

If you clicked on this thread its because you want to double or even triple your Fiverr sales, well you came to the right spot.

Here are 3 Tips to increase your sales:

1) After you deliver a gig always offer a bonus followed by an up sell.

Example: You designed a banner for 5$ the bonus is 3 free design revisions and then offer something else for only 5$ you can get all the banner design source file .psd or whatever. (could be anything)

2) Offer high quality content over quantity, use extras for the quantity.

Example: You will design 1 high quality banner with high resolution for 5$ in the extras put for 10$ extra you will get 2 unique banner designs with source file. (could be anything)

3) Help others team up with someone else on fiverr help each other complete tasks.

Example: You design graphics such as banners, headers and so on. Team up with a powerseller that is website designer he will need graphics for his clients that is for sure you will complete those tasks faster than he does since its your niche.

So lets recap how to double your Fiverr sales?

Always offer a bonus followed by an interesting offer when you deliver your orders, Take advantage of the extras to help the buyer get the best quality possible and the last tip is team up with someone on fiverr and complete projects together.

Hope you take advantage of these tips.

Much success



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