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Getting Duped by Buyers

Guest odinwordspinner

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Guest odinwordspinner

This is the third or fourth time, I got duped by a buyer. Due to Fiverr’s strict policies, the buyers are empowered and when it comes to seller empowerment, all fiverr does is cancel any orders resulting in a dispute. >:P

The world has its considerable amount of bad people. Fiverr is no exception. Some buyers have learnt the technique to get their work done without spending anything.

I got an order to write three articles. He felt the first one was a “visual pleasure to read” or so he mentioned in his comments and reviews. The second and third articles weren’t delightful at all and all he wanted was a crazy cancellation and nothing else not even a chance for me to modify them.

I strongly feel Fiverr needs to stop such nuisances someway to improve the environment for sellers who work hard to complete jobs many a times even at much lower rates than anything reasonable. Still, if the buyers find loopholes like this and take both the hard work and the money away with them, where’s motivation to continue working. I know there would be no result even if you report to fiverr because all they would do is cancel any disputed order.

Nonetheless, I have found quite a many pleasant and wonderful people to work with.

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