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"Response Rate" and "Delivered on Time" are not making any sense


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My gig allows to deliver within 2 days, and so far I have delivered ALL my orders in less than 24 hours. I’m not new to freelancing, I have been doing this for years and I enjoy winning clients hearts. I always follow a proper business etiquette, like responding to all messages in less than 24 hours, usually within just couple hours (As you can see, my response time is 1 hour).

But today when I logged in to Fiverr, I see that client of mine had ordered an extra gig, he wanted to purchase PDF files for the logo I had made for him. And although I had delivered the original logo concepts already 2 days ago, the first thing I see on Fiverr today, is the message "This order is ridiculously late."

It doesn’t make any sense at all. I delivered the logo on time, in less than 12 hours (that’s 36 hours sooner than the gig promises!). I made an extra sale, by selling the PDF. And on top of that I got tipped from a really satisfied customer.

But now I’m seeing “Delivered on Time 56%” and “Response Rate 92%”.

What if today I had convinced my client to purchase even more extras. I would be waking up tomorrow to a new message that I’m ridiculously late again?

I don’t understand, I came here to do business and give top notch customer service and quality. And this is how Fiverr disrespects it’s sellers, the people whom without this place would not exist? My gig just started taking off, but if now my sales are going to drop because of your faulty system, then good bye, because you just lost a very valuable seller.

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