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Clarification on Logo jobs


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So I ordered 10 gigs to do a logo for my aquaponics company. 9 out of 10 turned over some logo that contained an image that is in use elsewhere in the industry (as a logo) and they just slapped some text onto it, or maybe modified the colors on the graphic before slapping on some text. 2 of the gigs actually gave me the same image.

I can only use one of the logos that I received, and not really sure if these are just stock images that might not be a trademark or such, but I can’t verify that. I asked one seller, and he tells me he created the image and can provide copyright documents for it, despite it being found on multiple sites already.

Every job did say that it would create a custom logo - I assumed that meant the graphic with it as well.

I just wanted to see if this is normal or not and what copyright/trademark issues we were facing with this.

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