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Tips to convert inquries into Sales!


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What I have learned during my journey at fiverr, I thought I should share with newbies may be it’s helpful for them.



  1. Always start with greetings.
  2. Use “please” repeatedly(ideally if you are confused about something and trying to clear it, buyer is not very specific to the discussion and/or you think requirements are beyond your skill level).
  3. Make buyer realize that you are very attentive to the requirements and paying full attention to each sentence.
  4. Ask lot of questions, even small detail if you are confused about it.
  5. Give money back guarantee in the first conversation you have with buyer.


  6. Never send custom order after reading the overview of the requirements even if buyer ask for it.
  7. Never give hint to the buyer that you are in hurry and want to just send customer order close the sale.
  8. Never run after “the number of sales” you make in a month, one bad review can ruin your whole business.
  9. Never exchange your email or contact information with your buyer, believe me if they would like your work, you will get never ending work.
  10. Even you are not willing to take certain job, never be rude with buyer, instead apologize and you can say, “hey, I am overloaded right now, I can start after x days”. I afraid I am not very skillful in what you are expecting etc.).

    Don’t forget to you give your opinion, you are free to add your “Do’s” and “Dont’s”.


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