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The reason why some people will never make much sales!

Guest goodir

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You are still on Fiverr! Do not expect miracle! Extend your business!

Some guys don’t learn how to extend business they keep all of their buyers from fiverr, no real promotion outside fiverr. Sellers! Before you can make real sales if you just start out, you have to understand the fact that hundreds if not thousands of people offer the same thing you are selling. SO, You need promotion Outside fiverr. This promotion maybe email or social marketing, but the benefit is that all this traffic will target your profile and gigs not majority of existing fiverr buyers who already have a customer amoung top sellers.


I offer something like this for clickbank users, but I am not here to promote gig. You can even create a blog or one pager web for your gig, and see how tremendous traffic flow to your profile.

If you don’t know how to do this, Contact me, I may help!

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