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Bad experience; Time and money (processing fee) wasted by a "level 2 seller"


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gave work to fragglesrock against a custom quote for a wordpress site.

Really poor communication and very bad work till the last day of delivery. Never informed till the last minute that he is cancelling the order!!

I cant even give the seller a feedback after cancellation!!

I noticed that the seller has so many categories he is working on from basic slider for website to creating a social media pages.

From his profile, it is difficult to guess what is he a level 2 seller for. Fiverr needs to restrict sellers to a few categories if possible. Also, a feedback after cancellation should be allowed

For me, adios fiverr forever for web development. May use it only for low tech work

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out users by name is against the forum Do’s and Dont’s.

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I assume since you got a custom quote that you messaged the seller before you ordered the gig to go over everything, right?

Did the seller say why they were cancelling?

And did you just notice now that this seller has so many categories of gigs, or did you research that before you ordered?

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