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1 error prevented this gig from being saved


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While creating a gig, I wrote the following words in the description:

"Bazi means eight characters in Chinese. Bazi is a method used by the Chinese for thousands over years to read a person destiny. Bazi was a closely-guarded secret used by many emperor to secure their empire and throne in Chinese history. It is derived from a person date of birth and time of birth. With the birth information, the eight characters and the luck cycle are formed as shown in the diagram above. The combination of the eight characters and the luck cycle can accurately pinpoint certain events going to happen in a person life. These events can be related to luck, career, relationship, money and much more. I will answer ONE question in detail in regard to these FOUR topics on Luck, Career, Relationship and Money only. You have to provide me with your Date of Birth and Time of Birth and these information must be from an official government document like birth certificate. All reading comes in pdf file with your unique eight characters and luck cycle chart as shown above. Estimated delivery is 10 days. Although up there is 29 days just in case for some unpredictable circumstances."

I tried to save the gig but the following error message appeared:

Description contains excessive use of the terms: fb

I tried several times to save the gig and this error message appeared every time I tried to save the gig.

What does ‘fb’ means in this error message ? I cannot find the term fb in the description.

I got stuck here, can someone help.

Thank you.

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