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Design: Suggestions from Buyers for Sellers


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I try some sellers but I am not so satisfied with their work.


I am looking for someone really professional, for long term work, for design i.e Facebook pages, banners and etc.


Based on your experience can anyone suggest me some sellers that they are doing good job and not amateur?


I have limited time and I will highly appreciate your reasonable response.


Thank you.


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Just type “Facebook Banner” in the search bar and you will see a lot of good sellers at the Recommendation/High Rating category. (Choose the ones whose samples you like or those with lots of high ratings or higher levels-- most likely these are people who will give you quality work)

I just did it right now and can name a lot of sellers to you here, but then we’re not allowed to promote stuff or sellers at this category… So that’s all I can advise. 🙂

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