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*********Caution!Fragglesrock scammed me out of $20.00****** [MOVED]


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I set up a fiverr gig, and added a gig to it, your system seemed to only recognize the initial gig, and considered it delivered once the intiial gig was completed. after that the system requested feedback. i returned a message informing the seller that he hadn’t fulfilled the second gig. he didn’t reply even after several attempts to reach the seller.Finally he replies admitting that he is ripping me off and now it looks like the gig has been fulfilled and I am out of pocket $20.00 . I placed a resolution request in and fiverr, responded , with a link to a 404 page. I am still trying to get satisfaction. since august 18. not a peep out of fiverr for a week. I have just contacted them again today, I will keep this updated.

Sheriff’s Note: You are welcome to post this and keep it updated, but it needs to be without usernames (against the forum Do’s and Dont’s) and in a category that makes more sense. It has been moved to Fiverr Stories and can remain there for your updates if you do not break rules in posts. See the Do’s and Dont’s at the top of the page as needed.

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