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How many time need to earn job in fiverr


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Fiverr is a not a place where you go to get a job. It is a freelancing site, where you can advertise your services as a freelancer. That does not guarantee any kind of job or order or money. As a freelancer you have to always be advertising and marketing your own gigs. You can post links on your social media profiles, you can let friends and family know you are available to do work through Fiverr, and things like that.

Then also make sure you have really good gigs that are in high demand.

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Reply to @khademulfaiez: I do not understand your English.

Also, it is not clear the way you write it up that you are actually designing emails with XHTML…you say you are working with MailChimp templates. Mailchimp has plenty of already designed templates that anyone can use. If you are doing custom templates, you need to be very clear and say that.

And what do you mean “why I contanct people my dear?” Do you mean why am I NOT allowed to contact people? The answer is you are only allowed to contact people inside your Fiverr account. YOu cannot contact people on any of those email platforms you listed. So why are you offering support on private emails? Or do you mean that you offer support for the mailchimp template to work on all those different platforms? I think sadly your English is making things confusing.

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I am new here with 0 orders too. Still I have some hope.
I’d suggest you to market it outside fiverr. Use Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ etc…
Also post some quality work of yours. It should look classy and attractive. Maybe if you can’t post enough screenshots, link them to a portfolio outside fiverr or post image links in the description.
Provide a great description that will impress the viewers. Also a meaningful short title.
Improve your English. This will help you alot in getting more orders.

Thank you.

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