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Great Tip For Seller: limited time offer & event special sale


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Isn’t it great idea to offer something free (or on discount or extra) when your orders are down for Limited time or to boost your sales by giving special event offers?

but i want to know what are possible ways to do this?

May be change the cover photo of gig?

or post the gigs with hashtag of “discounts” on social media?

Any other idea guys? and your views?

PS: I am offering extra services free of cost in basic gig for my resume designing for next three orders. be first!

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I have to admit, I hadn’t thought about doing this except for holidays, but special sales could be a good way to implement a change that could catch the eye of the editors and drive your gig upward. Hashtags are certainly a great addition too.

Other ideas:

–A change in profile photo instead of top gig image if the sale applied to all or most of your gigs
–A new gig video similar to the previous one (to save time) with sale information, especially on the thumbnail. Something that could be switched out repeatedly might be good for a weekly/monthly or other regular sale.
–Capitalizing on unique day that aren’t traditional holidays - i.e. “Shark Week”, “Pirate Day”, “April Fool’s.” Even the last one, April Fool’s on April 1st often makes a huge internet presence but is not a standard holiday like some USA traditionals such as Halloween, Christmas, etc.

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These are marketing things: when there are holidays, people are going to shop/spend more or you have extra time to do more job so to attract maximum customer to you, you need to give them some package.
well when your sales are down, you need to offer some thing free.

These tactics help you to expand your customer circle/base.

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