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Please increase the message character limit on custom offers

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I’m fairly certain the 200 character limitation is new, as I’ve never seen this limitation before.

I sometimes get contacted by buyers in my inbox for a custom jobs.

I don’t remember being previously restricted in characters allowed in the included message, at least not a measly 200 characters.

For a custom offer, 200 characters is NOT enough space to communicate the details of what will be involved and what you will and won’t do for that price. Often custom quotes are outside the realm of things you normally offer and communication is paramount, to avoid complications and misunderstandings between buyers and sellers.

Please increase the character limit to allow sellers to actually communicate with their buyers. 200 characters is like 3 sentences. This limit is bad for business, and forces my quotes to be less professional sounding and terse to the point of sounding uncaring about my buyers’ projects.

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