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Buyer refuse my work


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Reply to @majdagarou: Hello. First, I need to let you know that this subject isnโ€™t a good fit in Tips for Sellers since you are just asking a general question. Iโ€™ll place it in Fiverr FAQ.

It sounds like this happened:

1.) Buyer purchased your gig and you delivered, but he did not like the quality of the delivery even though you had a few positive reviews.
2.) Buyer asked you for a mutual cancellation. If you had accepted the buyer would get a refund and you would not have any effect to your account.
3.) You did not accept the request for a mutual cancellation.
4.) The buyer said he was going to ask Customer Support to cancel. Now you want to know what is likely to happen.

If the buyer asks Customer Support to cancel:
-Customer Support tends to go with the buyer, especially if they complain about a new seller. If CS does that, the buyer will get refunded, and you will get a negative effect on your cancellation ratio. This is not that bad considered that you are new, but should be avoided when possible.

-If the buyer decides to accept the delivery but leaves you a bad review, this is worse. If the review is lower than 5 stars it will have an effect on rating. If the review is lower than 3 stars it will likely affect your chances to get levels, to answer buyer requests, etc.

Generally speaking and especially when you are new, it is best to just do a mutual cancellation and refund an unhappy buyer. Although you lose the money and the delivery, it is much easier to overcome those issues by continuing with more good orders. If you refuse a cancel or get a bad review, those are harder to come back from.

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