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Is there anyone who has same problem with glitch at their "Dashboard"?


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Hi, there

I just got my first weird, exhausted, and bothering experience with Fiverr.

There are some orders that didn’t appear at my “Dashboard”.

As I remember, I always use “Dashboard” for my reference to see how long those orders has to be delivered.

And last time I checked I has a day off for 6 days until my next delivery.

I’m a new mom to be, dealing with morning sickness and everything, I cannot online in my computer for 24 hours.

After I checked my notification this noon, read some messages, there are some customer that asking where is his cartoon and asking what’s going on.

I see that his order already Very Late (not “Late”, but “Very Late”)

It’s confuse me and I check my manage sales right away.

It’s incredible, not only one order, but there are 29 orders that already late but didn’t appear in my “Dashboard”.

I know Fiverr trying and doing some maintenance at some point.

And I know I was a little reckless by only using “Dashboard”, but I never had problem before.

Is there someone else who has same problem with me about his/her “Dashboard”?

Now I am about to explain to each of my customer about this problem.

I hope they are understand.

Thanks for sharing,

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