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How to improve the bad reputation?


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Hi, I was looking at your gigs and I don’t think it’s a matter of “bad reputation” since you are still new. A bad rereputation means you’ve gotten bad reviews and have a lot of cancelled jobs.

I think what you mean is “how can I increase my sales?”. And reading through your gigs and about me section, I think you would get more interest if your writing was more fluid.

I understand that english is not your first language, which unfortunately can make people think twice before buying your gig. It is important, especially with a creative gig like yours, that when the client explains what they want, that you are going to fully understand their needs. And if there is a big language barrier there, then that could mean a lot of back and forth through messages trying to figure out what they other person is saying.

I suggest for now, you perhaps hire another Fiverr person to write your gig description and about me section for you. That might help clients feel more comfortable buying from you.

I hope that helps! And good luck. 🙂

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You have a gig called: " I will design Professional Kindle Covers for $5"

Your gig image has 12 covers. How do I know these are yours or you got them from someone else? Each portfolio sample should feature one cover until you’ve had a lot of clients. Then you can follow this example:


P.S. By “following example” I don’t mean stealing the images. Never do that.

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