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~I just strike with an idea and question at the same time~

we (buyers/sellers) are bound to not share our emails. i have a resume gig and was instructing my client that he shouldn’t use work email in his resume then i got warning… just because of word “email”. is there anything i should worry about?

PS: i use to give free tips and suggestion to my clients to make their resume perfect.

Secondly i know whenever anyone message you on fiverr, you get notification email on your linked-email account. But isn’t it would be even better that anyone can email to fiverr account (fiverr.com/YourProfileUrl) by address (YourProfileUrl@fiverr.com). Your thoughts?



PS: I am not sure whether i should post in this category or not. please tell me if i am wrong.

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You are on the right track.

  1. You need to make sure you are not communicating outside of fiverr and that you are not giving personal contact info. Fiverr has provided you with traffic and you cannot use it to generate leads and then work outside of fiverr.

  2. You need to avoid the trigger words that throw up red flags in the system. You can find another way to give the suggestions. I have the same problem with podcast edits, words like s-kype, p-ayment, are also a challenge when they relate to your gig.

In regard to mail, Right now, a person has to be signed up with fiverr to send a message. Having a open email address would probably cause more spam.

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