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My great Fiverr experience - shout out to @kiffinyjean!


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At Payoneer we try provide our members with tools that they can use to get access to answers and information as quickly as possible. As part of this goal, we thought it would be a great idea to create some "How To Videos."

Creating and editing the videos was simple enough; I’m a total tech geek so I know my way around a computer. The main obstacle was finding a voice artist that was clear, professional, fun, and enjoyable to listen to… a tough combination to find!

I took the task upon myself, and started searching for such a person. Sites offering professional narration and voice-over services, freelance marketplaces, asked some friends/co-workers… until I came across Kiffiny’s profile on Fiverr and knew I found the perfect person. I can go on about how perfect she was for the task, but really I think the videos speak for themselves! (sorry, cheesy pun intended).

Kiffiny’s Fiverr profile page: http://fiverr.com/kiffinyjean

The videos: http://www.payoneer.com/HowTo.aspx

Thanks Kiffiny, and thanks Fiverr!

-Nissim | Payoneer Community Manager

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