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"The Legend of Crystal Lake, the Untold Story" written and directed by Jeffrey Hilliard


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Jacob Vorhees, is the older stepbrother of Jason Vorhees born years before Jason. He had several run ins with the law. Got sent to juvenile detention, jail, and finally to prison. In my vision I discuss the origins of Elias Vorhees the father, the origins of Pamela how she came to meet Elias, at fifteen years old, and Jacobs, mother who was married to Elias before Pamela and suddenly disappeared out of their life. My Vision, The Legend of Crystal Lake, is mainly the introduction to how Friday the Thirteenth even came to be. Paramount will be going crazy when they get wind of my vision, that has it’s already copy written script and poster. I want to stick it in their face. I need someone who can help me with this quest. I have been writing movie scripts a long time and have not got my just do. My poster shows a vision of Jacob, not to be confused with Jason, standing over body parts wearing the hockey mask, But the hockey mask has the iconic 666 across the forehead.

Sheriff’s Note: Duplicate Topics noticed. Others will be removed since this one has the most comments so far.

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None of us here on Fiverr likely have the direct connections to make this happen for you. I suggest that you seek out Hollywood producers and agents more directly. Don’t rely on other people to do this kind of work for you.

Producers like initiative, but you also have to keep in mind that, just because you think you have a great screenplay, doesn’t mean a producer will as well. Producers receive thousands of screenplays every year. You really need to stand out above the rest – both as the writer, and in terms of the story within your screenplay – if you want to get noticed. The odds of getting noticed indirectly, though, are extremely low.

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Let me be brutally honest with you.

  1. Hollywood rarely makes horror movies like they did in the 80s, even though horror movies are usually lucrative because you can produce them for peanuts.

  2. Learn from Max Brooks, author of World War Z. If you want to get Hollywood’s attention, a best selling eBook is the way to go.

  3. If you don’t want to write a book, write a screenplay, but consider this:

"In 2010 there were only 1,615 feature film screenwriters working in Hollywood. That number kind of sounds big doesn’t it?

There are about 700 movies made a year in the US (about half of those are released theatrically).

Last time I checked, the union had about 12,000 in its ranks.

Roughly half of those are in the West. And of that number, roughly half of those are television writers.

That means that there are about 3,000 “active” (meaning recently employed) feature film screenwriters in Hollywood."

In other words, your chances of writing a great script that gets bought are zero to none.

You could start a kickstarter project to raise the money for the film yourself, but frankly, I think writing a book would help you get your ideas in order, and since Amazon allows self-publishing, you don’t need to deal with publishers rejecting your work.

Good luck.

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I got news for you pal. Your vision ain’t gonna happen for you they way you want it too.

I’ve worked in Hollywood for 30 years and had the pleasure to work with the real writer and director of the original Friday the 13th, Sean Cunningham on one of his upcoming projects.

Your copyright will never hold up because you are basing your “vision” on a premise/world that you have no rights too in the first place. Jason’s hockey mask is the icon of the whole series so it doesn’t really matter who you say is wearing in on your poster.

My best advice to you is to write something original and see where that takes you.


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Also, don’t start sharing your story all around forums like this, I would edit all your posts and remove it.

It makes no difference that you have the copyright. All the copyright really means is that you can sue someone if they try to make the movie and not pay you. It doesn’t mean no one will steal your ideas.

If you want to get this script out, Fiverr is not the place for this. You need to secure an agent and get this submitted to various production companies that do horror films.

Also, if you are using iconic type of elements in your movie that means other rights to even make a film with some of those things in it will have to be bought too.

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