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I've been spammed hard on Fiverr!


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Every time I submit a “Gig request”, I got all sort of spam offers. 98% totally unrelated to what I need. I receive emails that notifies me that I got offer to my request then I check it and guess what, I want automation tool for example, people are giving me followers, PVA emails, stuff like “I can rank you on the first page of google”, will give you Pinterest repins and all sort of nonsense. They system is highly ineffective and a time killer! (Every time I am writing a note “do not send me unrelated offers I want just that what is described”)

I think other people feel the same way like me and its time for you to improve our user experience. Why don’t you put a simple “it’s a spam” button next to every offer that users receive in their request a gig feed?

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The content of the spam doesn’t matter.

And the solution is 2 part, not just relying on the user to report.

In addition to the above Spam Button solution, Fiverr can simply add to the VERBOTEN WORDS LIST that Fiverr keeps on all messaging, BASED ON the Spam Button pushes of the spammed users.

This is a no brainer.

Time to get with it, Fiverr.

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