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What about re-do the gig?


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Hello there !! Could you help me on this one :

Someone asked for my gig " holdin a sign " so i sent the person 3 pictures already

but the person just send me a message sayin that the picture is pixelised and that i have to re-do the gig…

I am wonderin, isnt that an easy way to get free more pictures ?

Knowing that im new on fiverr i think it would be a good idea to give a positive answer and send the pictures back in order to have good rates…

what do you think ?

Thank you a lot.

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Yes. I would correct it if you feel like you understand what changes need to be made and you can make the adjustments. I would make changes very quickly. for me, each day’s modifications take priority over current gigs due. I also send a message with the revision delivery thanking them for allowing me to make changes. Here is what I state:

“Thanks for allowing me to make adjustments to your project. Let me know if any additional adjustments need to be made. I would like it to be perfect for you!
Landon Grace”

If your customer absolutely loves you, they will leave positive feedback and come back for more. Just build that kind of service into your initial price for the gig.

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ARe your pictures high resolution? Meaning are they at least 300dpi? What is the file size of each photo?

I looked at your gig and I could not really tell.

I am guessing if you took photos the same as what shows in your gig, I am wondering if they are not high resolution enough to blow up and make larger or when someone tries to print it out, if it is not the right quality and high enough resolution it will look pixelated.

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