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A First Week on Fiverr


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Hi there, Fiverr family! 😃

Today marks the end of my first 7 days as a Fiverr seller. While that might seem kind of early to reflect, I thought my own trials and tribulations might help out others who want to take the leap. Or, you could just find my story relatable. Who knows!

For a long time, I had considered doing voice overs on Fiverr. I’ve known about this site for over a year (at least) and had always been curious. I knew I had the ability to perform and deliver, but what about standing out? Would I really understand how the system works? I could screw someone over on accident!

Here’s a few of the things I did to help prepare myself:

  • Check out the top seller’s pages. Hey, no need to deviate too far from what seems succesful, right? Reading their gig descriptions and watching their videos helped give me a serious feel for it.

  • Watched their videos. The videos do matter, and I’m still suprprised that mine got through. While it’s pretty crude and short, it sure seems that having any kind of video helps bring attention.

  • Who’s standing out, and who ISN’T? The Fiverr forum helped me out a lot with figuring this out. I saw enough gig critiques on the forums to learn…something. The amount of information and advice here is pretty staggering. I’m still working on being an eye-catcher myself…hehe. :))

    I created my crude video and gig page (after a few edits to try and make things clear, don’t be afraid to edit!) and didn’t think of much else. I of course posted my gig on FB and Twitter, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. How long would it take to get an order, or a curious message?

    The next morning, there was a message in my inbox. MIND BLOWN. I simply couldn’t believe it and was overjoyed that someone wanted to order from me. Across the week, I got two more orders, equally mind blowing. It was hard to comprehend that someone was willing to pay for what I was offering, but I sure did love the satisfaction of delivering. I didn’t expect anything in the first week, let alone 3 orders in my crowded space.

    And, thanks to lovely guides on this forum, I haven’t messed up anyone’s delivery. Yet. 😛

    So, my message would be: have some self confidence and respect for what you’re doing. Treat it like a legitimate business and maybe things can grow. Don’t be afraid to SELL. You’re worth something to someone, for sure!

    It’s surely too soon to say wether I’ve ‘grown’ or not, but I couldn’t have gotten even this far without the helpful Fiverr community. You guys really rock and continue to make me (and countless others) feel like I can do this.

    Hopefully this wasn’t too much of a ramble. I wanted to say thank you to everyone and let you know that you can do it!

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