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Before ordering an eBook cover or kindle cover design gig ... (you need to read this )


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precisely, so many sellers here on fiverr keep deceiving their buyers about quality images for their design.

but i have come to say this " if you need a quality image cover design, head on to any of the stock images site" ( though i have some list of the sites on my gig description and gig extra) get the url of the image you will like to see on your cover and send it to such seller to purchase and deliver your job.

only few will purchase, but some will still go to google or bing and search for similar image and use for your cover.

please use quality images .

i personally offer my clients this … but i bet you try this and see how your book covers will stands high…

thank you

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When you search on bing and google, do you use the licensing searches available, so you are only searching for images that allow commercial license use? You can’t just any image from Google or bing, so this might sound a bit misleading to some people who might not know about photos and copyright stuff.

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