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What was your best experience with a buyer?


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What was your absolute best experience with a buyer?

As a seller, you try to do a service but also build a virtual connection with people and it’s really cool when they come back as a returning buyer. The same day I had my worst experience with a buyer, is the same day I had my best. This one stood out.

I had just created a gig to help people put together a successful campaign. A day or two I get a message from a disabled person with spina bifida scoliosis( a birth defect in which the spine does not form completely, leaving the spinal cord exposed and unprotected) confined to a wheelchair. He told me the rest of his story and I knew instantly I could perfect his campaign, but also promote it myself for free. People like this make you remind yourself of things you have gone through yourself, know somebody going through, or just know that could’ve been you. If you want to check out his campaign the link is here: http://igg.me/at/GlHYMh7E5Ls

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