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What was your worst Fiverr Experience with a buyer?

Guest serpant57

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Guest serpant57

What was your absolute worst Fiverr Experience with a buyer? As a seller, you come across many challenges with unexpected requests, high demands, ripoffs, lack of communication, and so on…

Mine was very recent. A buyer ordered one of my gigs and didn’t really include any information for me to help them out, so I couldn’t do the job without it. He gave me a one word response and pretty much told me to plagiarize someone else’s work, so from there it was obvious I had to cancel. He declined the request 2 times, so you can’t rely rely on cs. So I gave him something off of that one word reply, but he told me “this not what I want”. So I kept telling him that I couldn’t help him with the information he gave me(which was pretty much nothing) and requested to cancel order to avoid a unnecessary negative review. Time’s ticking… he declined the cancellation 5 times until he came to his senses!

All he had to do is give me a little bit more detail of what he was looking for and was all about…

The weird thing is that’s not him in the picture.

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