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Forum bug x to delete drafts missing


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Im referring to the drafts page forum.fiverr.com/drafts

When you hower a draft an x should appear in the right corner, the x is a delete draft link. Format of the link is

forum.fiverr.com/vanilla/drafts/delete/draft it/transaction key?Target=drafts

The x must have disappeared recently as its not so long ago i last used it, you can still see each delete draft link in the page source so think its just a css error. (tested with chrome, edge, and ff browsers to rule out a browser issue)

Until it’s fixed for those of you who wish to delete draft messages, just go to your drafts page as usual the right click and choose view page source. In page source press ctrl+F (this brings out page search in most browsers) and type


you will find links that look like forum.fiverr.com/vanilla/drafts/delete/draft it/transaction key?Target=drafts where “draft it/transaction key” is a number or each draft/key with characters and numbers.

To delete your drafts just click those delete draft links when viewing source of the draft page.

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