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How to Compete with others here in fiverr

Guest nshanmirabian

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Guest nshanmirabian

So if you have a gig here on fiverr then there is a big chance that there is someone else that is providing the same Gig and he might get more sales than you, lets say that you wanna get more sales and reviews than that guy who is your competitor on that gig, how do you want to stand out from him?.

OK so lets say you are providing facebook likes for example let’s say 5000 likes for $5, and your competitor is providing 10.000 for $5, what should you do here is to give lets say 15.000-20.000 for $5 even if your gonna lose some money or your not going to make any profit out of it, the reason is because when people see that you’re providing a better service from some one that they used to buy from then they will forget that old guy and move to you and start ordering from you and give you all the positive reviews, then you can get your gig to 10.000 likes for $5 again but only after you get good amount of reviews and orders, this is how I did it and it worked for me, and yeah another good advice for satisfying your customers always over deliver your orders or surprise them if they order allot from you give them something extra as a gift, they will really appreciate that and order that service from you again and again, and this is how you make a good relationship with your customers.

sorry for making this a bit long, but I hope that it helped you, Good luck.

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