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How to find a product to sell on Fiverr?


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First, what does “transpose your song mean”? Your gig description is way too short. What will people actually receive if they order? A PDF of sheet music? Or an actual audio file recording of it? Write some examples of how people would use it. ANd maybe a better title would help it.

YOu also need to write more about your experience or background in doing song stuff in your profile, take out the religion and that you are a retired person, just present yourself as a professional. Please note, I am respectful of all religions but for marketing purposes you will turn off many buyers. Keep it neutral. Or if being a Christian busienss is important enough to you, there are other sites out there to maybe market some skills.

Then just consider doing things you are really good at and enjoy. If you want to do something with music, go search all the other gigs here on Fiverr that are music related. Look at the high rates sellers and pay attention to how they write up their gigs, their profiles and what kind of photos they use in their portfolios. good luck to you.

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