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Getty image copyright issue


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So, I saw some graphic design gig provides a $10 extra for getty image.

Does it mean they can use the image with paying $10 to deliver their design?

But I can’t use it to my website or any project. And I need to spend like $50 - $400 to purchase that Getty image by myself?

Can someone help me with the Getty feature? Thanks

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Guest iamjunaid

Here is how it works

You give $10 to seller for 1 Getty image.
He then download that image from Getty’s Built in Widget for fiverr (Shown to Sellers only)
Once he has bought that image, he is not bound to give it to you as it is but he is bound to use it only in the design or the product that you have asked him to design.

I hope that help ?

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Reply to @iamjunaid: I think they are asking, once the seller uses it in the design, what kind of rights does the buyer now hold to then be able to publically use that design?

I know when I buy a stock photo directly from any company , I have to read the licensing rights to understand how I may use that image, I wonder if Fiverr has that written somewhere, it must if they are allowing sellers to sell GEtty images.

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I think Fiverr needs to make this much more clear to users, but I did find out some info, it’s listed in their Terms…looks like you get to just use in in that one items you ordered from that gig, you can’t just start using that photo for all your biz needs:
favicon.icoFiverr.com fiverr-logo-new-green-9e65bddddfd33dfcf7e06fc1e51a5bc5.png

Fiverr's Terms of Service

One marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.

Stock Images

In some Gigs offered on Fiverr you will be able to use Stock Images.Stock Images are offered as part of the Gig only from a catalog found on Fiverr (the “Stock Image(s)”). When choosing the Extra of Stock Images, the Seller will use a Stock Image(s) of his selection and will provide it as part of the delivered work.Important: Each selected Stock Image(s) is authorized for one time use integrated with the delivered work only and not as a stand-alone or for reoccurring use. Sellers are unauthorized to share the original image file with the Buyer or any third party.Important: If you will cancel an order that includes a Stock Image(s), the Stock Image(s) will be cancelled as well and you will no longer be able to use the Stock Image(s).All Stock Images are licensed by GettyImages®, who has full ownership and copyrights to the Stock Images and shall be responsible for all Stock Images and their quality.When using the Stock Images, you represent and warrant the following:    You may not sell, modify, re-use, re-sell, distribute, display, reproduce or make any other use of the Stock Image(s).    Stock Image(s) may not be used:        on a stand-alone basis with no other content;        for pornographic, defamatory or other unlawful purposes;        as templates used to create multiples copies of the same Gig;        for the purpose of enabling file-sharing of the image file; or        in logos, trademarks, services marks or any other branding or identifiers.    If Stock Image(s) featuring an individual(s) is used in connection with a sensitive, unflattering or controversial subject, you must include a statement that the image is used for illustrative purposes only and the individual is a model.    You may not activate the “right-click” function in Stock Image(s), remove any metadata in Stock Image(s), or reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Stock Image(s) to enable the download or use Stock Image(s) on a stand-alone basis.    No ownership or copyrights to Stock Image(s) are granted to you.Users can contact Fiverr's customer support department for assistance here
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