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Stock Images Bug: Problem Communicating With Server


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You’re killing me Fiverr, buyers are selecting the “Stock Images,” option, then I try to deliver and I get “Problem communicating with server.” Yesterday all it took was opening Fiverr on another browser, but today, even that doesn’t work.

Now I’m gonna have to refund a $45 order just because I can’t refund the $10 of something I cannot do. I can’t even deliver this order.

This feature STINKS. It’s nice when it makes you money, but this doesn’t make me money.

UPDATE: I was able to deliver this order, but I had to refresh the browser a bunch of times. I still think it’s a dangerous feature. What happens if your buyer doesn’t like the picture? Should you lose $35 because your buyer doesn’t like a $10 picture? That’s not right.

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