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New Buyer observation on how to make more Sales


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As a new buyer on Fiverr the last few weeks I have a couple of observations I like to share. I would say my recent experiences here have been positive. I appreciate the talents I have seen on Fiverr and those received in completed orders. But I have a suggestion for sellers that if you follow my advice will make you more money. Yes, more sales, more money by simply making a great first impression when you get the order. What do I mean? When I take money out of my wallet and put it in your hand let me know you got it – and thank me for it. Yes, Fiverr shows an auto message your order was received but I want to hear from you. I compare your services like a contractor coming to my house to look over a job and provide a bid. The very best contractor I had ever hired did something I will always remember to this day. After we agreed on the price, he stuck out his hand and thanked me for hiring him. He said “I know you have choices, and there are other guys that can do this job, but you gave me the order and I want you to know I appreciate it”. Wow, what an impression! He was professional, prompt and courteous from day one. The referrals I gave him probably paid for a couple of new cars. You are a service for hire. We as buyers have choices among hundreds of sellers to do what you do. Even if you do killer work, that first impression tells buyers you are a professional, caring business person, bedsides being an artist. Just an observation from a new buyer on Fiverr.

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