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Why fiverr disabled direct contact to buyer via app


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Reply to @spsingh: I would send an offer that is in the middle and just say what it includes. 5 pages, plus x, x, x…and then say if you would need more I can work with you to create another custom quote. Something like that.

Keep in mind those buyers might be getting offers from 50 or even 100 other people.

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its sad that fiverr fails to realise where the real spam lies, which is in the sending offers in a buyers request. like how do you send an offer for a two line job description???
often times buyers job description isnt complete, turnaround time, versions and revisions, and ultimately succint job description (which is what i do best on any offer im interested in) it means buyer now buys my gig, choose whatever he feels like without contacting me, and after so much work and revisions that i get fed up, we ask to mutually cancel, TIME WASTED, MONEY LOST!

it really hurts me that i cant make my craft anymore and i’ve been out of offers since the update.
i really hope they bring back the messaging soon, until then i think i’ll be forced into a vacay.

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we are still waiting for fiverr’s reply as Im getting order cancelled and not able to send custom offer via app.
reply to @designbybliss @sincere18
I sent offer to buyer entering amount of $20 as i was unaware of exact requirement and told in there that i will send you exact offer later But buyer accepted the offer and forced me to complete the order and denied to cancel it In that case the work was worth $35 and i had to do it for very less.

SO PLEASE FIVERR re do pre order communication with buyer

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