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Need some work in Fiverr

Guest khademulfaiez

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Let me correct your word choices: You don’t “need some work in Fiverr”, you WANT some work in Fiverr. Unfortunately, Fiverr sellers are not guaranteed sales merely because we have gigs available on Fiverr.

You need to treat your own gigs like a business. Promote them elsewhere on the internet – and do so repeatedly and consistently. Don’t use random clipart to promote your gigs (clipart Gig images don’t make you look professional – especially if you’re designing anything). Use proper spelling and grammar. And don’t complain on the forums about not having sales.

Take your success into your own hands and work hard to make your gigs something people will want to purchase from you. Right now, they don’t stand out; they are unremarkable, and far from unique. Keep in mind the three Ps of Fiverr… Presentation, Promotion, and Patience.

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Reply to @khademulfaiez:
Do you realize the mistake you are making?

khademulfaiez said: next time I try to correct my spelling

It’s NOT next time. DO IT NOW. And don’t TRY it. ASK SOMEONE TO DO IT.
PAY someone to do it. I’m sorry, but you are NOT capable of writing a description
yourself. You need to stop posting over and over again. People have already given
you many advice, but you are not understanding/following them at all.
I’m not saying this because I’m annoyed, I’m saying this because it’s getting pretty
painful to see you posting stuff over and over again. I get the feeling you are
simply not getting it.
If you do not know how business works, you need to study it first.

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