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Doubled my page views and still no orders?


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Ok so im fairly new new here on day 1 i made 7 gigs, no problems with them , then waited for clicks, impressions and oter stuff, ok so for the first 5 days i aquired a total of 29 pageviews, i decided to change some things, and as i changed them , form day 5 to 6 i got 216 pageviews, next day 376, and the next day 662 pageviews so my changes work but still no orders…

i checked a lot of discussions on the forum , for ideas, used many of them , and still nothing???

i something wrong with Fiverr??

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Guest reinier01

There is nothing wrong with Fiverr- the problem is with your gigs. They are very alike, and they do not offer something specific. There are many thousands of generic article writing gigs on Fiverr, so what you need to do to make yours stand out is to offer focused writing on specific subjects on niches.

For example, I have a gig that has no competition on Fiverr- I am the only writer on the site that writes in that niche, and I simply cannot keep up with the demand, without promoting the gig in any way. So if you have specific knowledge or expertise in one or more fields, focus your gigs on that. If you don’t, your gigs will unfortunately just float around as generic ads in a vast ocean of similar generic adverts. The only way to make an impression is to differentiate your gigs so they stand out from the crowd.

Hope that helps.

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