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Need help regarding advertisement and getting orders to my gigs

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I am Piyush Pallav . I am a level 1 seller on your site. I have a doubt in my mind . I am a college student and i want to advertise my fiverr gigs in my college . My friends are really interested in my logo designs and they want some works. But I was thinking to provide designs through fiverr . This will increase my revenue . My friends are ready to give me payments through fiverr. so my question is that should I do this .? should I give my fiverr gig link to my friends ( which is something like this www.fiverr.com/my user name) so that they get a direct reach to my services?

I asked about this to one of my friend living outside my state about this . He told me that DO NOT EVEN THINK TO DO SO because fiverr people scans your IP address and location and when they will see that you are getting orders from your college (i.e. near by you) they will restrict your account.

I am very confused about this so I decided to ask directly to you . One more important thing in my college there is a central internet system means all students use internet through WIFI which is connected to a single server. will this create any problem?

please tell me should I do this or not .I am wetting for your reply . Hope you reply fast and positively.


Piyush Pallav

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What do you mean? Of course you can advertise your gigs to other people to try and get work.

Just to make it clear - Each student will have their own Fiverr account right? And each student will be using their own credit cards or paypal to pay for it right?

Are your friends going to be using your computer to buy the gig or their own computer?

The only issue could be if Fiverr thinks you have created more than one account, if you are using a central internet system. But see what some other people write here, maybe just email Customer Support and let them know you are a student at Xxxxxx University and you want to start promoting your gigs to other students who need your work, is that ok if our University shares a wifi network.

By letting them know ahead of time and giving them all the information before would help.

Let’s hear what some other buyers and sellers have to say about it…

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