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Excellent Customer Service -- Recipe for Success


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Hi everyone!

I have read a lot of posts here about a lot of sellers who are struggling to get hired more times, and I wonder why this happens apparently so frequently, because I have never had that problem. In fact, there are days in which my problem is to find enough time to do and deliver all the works that I get through Fiverr.

So I would like to mention really important to all those of you who are still struggling, because this is truly fundamental for you to be successful (on Fiverr or anywhere else): you need to offer excellent customer service.

This may seem obvious, but, as a customer myself, I know all too well how important it is to be offered excellent services and excellent responses to my needs.

So, a seller needs to treat people in a positive, nice and polite way – regardless of how “impolite” someone asking a question or for a price may at times be. If you have an open shop, you need to have outstanding PR.

You also need to reply to questions quickly, pleasantly and effectively – do not let potential or actual buyers waiting too long for your reply, always be pleasant in the way you deal with them, and be effective in responding pertinently to their questions and needs, namely by possibly offering custom orders in response to some questions, telling them that you will be happy to do this work for them in X days for X price. Oh, and never let any message or order update unanswered for long – let alone unanswered for too long!

Always leave positive, polite and relevant reviews of your buyers (don’t just say “Thanks” or something like that). Think about how you would like to be treated if you were the buyer, and treat any potential or actual buyer precisely as you would like to be treated yourself. This golden rule seems to be too obvious but it is never too much to highlight it.

And, in my opinion, sometimes, when you see that this is suitable and ultimately advantageous for both parties, you can even offer your buyers a small discount, to thank buyers for choosing you and to encourage them to come back (this is especially important when you’re starting – in my opinion, when you’re starting and no one knows you yet, a small price for your services, obviously supported by top quality services and an excellent presentation, will be probably what will get you hired).

And this is it! I really think that, if you’re finding it hard to get your Gigs going right now, this is something that may be missing in the Fiverr experience that you are offering, so do consider it.

Hoping that this may be useful to you and looking forward to read your very insights on this and other matters,

I thank you for your attention,


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