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Creative and pertinent Gig Extras to improve your Gigs on Search Results


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Hi everyone!

I’d like to share with all of you something which has been working quite well for me, and which I hope may help you as well.

This is just a thought, but it has been bringing me great practical results, so do consider it. Since Fiverr is a platform which mostly makes money through the fees that it collects from what sellers make, it is pretty obvious that Fiverr makes more money when you make more money, and it becomes even more successful when you become more successful.

Now, there are many things that one must do in order to be a successful Fiverr seller, but one of these, in my opinion, is to have several Gig Extras – after all, if your Gig does not have any Extra, or if it only has one, then Fiverr will not gain from it as much as it will gain from a seller who has several Gig Extras. After all, a seller with several Gig Extras has higher chances of making more money – thus creates higher chances for Fiverr to make more money.

Plus, Gig Extras equal more complete and diversified services and buying experiences for potential clients, so again a seller with several Gig Extras will be offering more quality and value to potential clients – and, indirectly, so will Fiverr through this seller. This, in turn, will bring more quality and value to the seller himself/herself.

On the other hand, you need to offer Gig Extras which are relevant, useful, which make sense in the context of the Gig, and which are as well presented (and reasonably priced) as the Gig itself should be.

I have been using this strategy (along with others) and have done so with great success. Of course that this alone will not get you on Fiverr’s main page, but I believe it may greatly help!

Thanks for your time and feel free to share other ways of enriching this strategy, or other strategies to get a better exposure in search results,


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