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Slow time of year, set yourself up for success!


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Kids going back to school, summertime coming to an end. Tuition, school supplies, school clothes, etc. A lot of expendable income is locked up in other things right now. SO, what do you do?

  1. Update your gig pages

  2. Build up your social media presence

  3. Create a new gig or two

  4. Make more or new videos

  5. Maximize your text in your gig descriptions

  6. Share your gigs on Social Media - ETHICALLY

  7. Take on new platforms of exposure

  8. Write and market your own Fiverr story

  9. Start/Build an Adwords campaign

  10. Put your videos on Youtube and market them

    If you have made it through this list in entirety, then you are probably busy already. If not, then until you have some of these things done, you have no reason or right to complain about lack of sales. There are slow periods multiple times per year in the freelancing/gig economy. Knowing what to do during those times to maximize the busy times is key, don’t slack in these areas and you’ll be busy even through the tough times…

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