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Solved ! - custom offers


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What happened with Custom Offers??

Normally the design of custom offer allow until thousands of dollars.

Today i have opened the box and i see only the option of Gig quantity and the Image option.

Also, the client must fill something when before there was not necessary.

Now if i want to sell over than 14 gigs i have to add extras when with the other design there was only necessary to place a price until thousands of $.

Tell me if i’m wrong, please. I don’t understand nothing. It seems that instead of make it easy for us they insist in make it difficult.

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Reply to @odbtec: Assuming the buyer is someone you have messaged with before here is how to do that:

1.) Open the thread in your inbox so that you can write to the buyer.
2.) On the upper right corner just above the message window you’ll see a green button for submitting a Custom Offer. Click that.
3.) A new window will open allow you to send that buyer a custom offer. In that window you will see a field that says “How Much Would You Charge?” You can fill in the $400 there, fill in the other fields and your offer is ready to send.

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