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My Own Personal Journey with Fiverr :)


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I joined Fiverr about 3 years ago as I was in ill physical health and could not truly go out and find work that wouldnt be a problem for my health. In the first month or so I became a level 1 Seller and was very tickled about that. It was not long after that that I became a level 2 Seller and was even more tickled!! Fiverr made my life and my journey and my financial status so much easier and I am ever so grateful and happy that I stumbled across it I seriously doubt that I will ever leave Fiverr as they make it so simple for me to work in an area that not only am I skilled at, but through them, I can help people all over the world.

In the last three years Ive made $12,256.00 with Fiverr by doing my work part time. Thats a yearly income of nearly $4000!! This has helped my family in enormous ways, from putting food on the table, to helping with the bills, to gas money and just two months ago I was able to buy a brand new 52inch Flat Screen TV!! At this standing today, I am within the Top 6 in my criteria and could not be more happy! <3

I am constantly telling people that if they need to find a small job in order to help out, to please consider Fiverr. I cannot begin to say enough just how thankful I am to be here and to be a Level 2 Seller and continue to help all who may need it.

From the bottom of my heart~

Meichelle M.

aka: meichelle2408


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